We are focused to deliver our customers optimal and effective substations and grid automation solutions.

Power grid and substation automation

Our products and systems scope:

  • SCADA and distributed Remote Terminal Units;
  • Automated Metering System;
  • Protection and Control;
  • Wide Area Measurement Systems (WAMS), etc.


To provide our customers with an effective and reliable solution we've launched serial production

of measurement and control automation equipment.

Learn more about our products and join us to automate your facilities with best practices.

M1000 measure the parameters of a three-phase electrical network in substations, power plants, industrial enterprises, and distribution networks.
The devices get built-in digital inputs and outputs to process binary statuses and control commands.
Measuring transducers
Together with M1000 or standalone, IO100 processes binary statuses and control commands. IO100 communicates with the other units through RS-485 lines.
I/O modules
CM100 is the communication module featuring a control and monitoring functionality. CM100 is equipped with a 2G/3G module, a built-in GPS/GLONASS receiver, 3 x RS-485, and an Ethernet port.

CM100 aggregates data of M1000, IO 100, and other IEDs (e.g. multifunctional measuring transducer, relay protection and automation devices, power meters, I/O units) and transmits data further to the SCADA system.
Remote terminal units
Our company has extensive experience in creating remote control systems, SCADA, and automated metering systems. We carry out a full cycle of work from design and supply of equipment to installation and maintenance.

To provide our customers with the best quality solutions we've decided to produce intelligent electronic devices previously. Thus we control the quality of all components of our systems and steps of our projects – from design to acceptance tests.

Adopting the experience of manufacturing partners and choosing trusted suppliers of components, we produce high-quality equipment that meets modern requirements for automated control systems.
High degree of responsibility
Impeccable quality
Fast coordinated work
Our engineer and developers team use the best technologies to generate the best solutions.

We are looking forward to your request and are ready to interact to find suitable automation solutions for your business, facility, and industries.
Own production
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